Testimonials from my Readers:

“My friend Kathi gave me a copy of your book for my birthday. I loved it, thank you for sharing your Shadow.”  K.D.

“I read your book only days after I bought it from you and I loved it. It made me laugh, the cha-chings! especially, made me tear up too. It was amazing to get to know Shadow and have so much love for a dog I had never met, what a special guy.” A.F.

“This is the sweetest tribute to Shadow! I love the way you have depicted him as such a kind, loving, gentle presence in your life. The lessons Shadow taught you are very inspirational and uplifting” P.T.

Your book is so special!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and reflecting on the great questions you asked.  J. J.

“I was supposed to go on a date tonight but for some reason I was betting the nudge from above to stay home and read your book.  I apologized and made a date for next week.  I had no idea your book was going to be something that needed to be awakened in me.”  V.K.

“I wish I could have met Shadow!  I very much enjoyed reading about this wonderful dog.  I got immediately got tears in my eyes as I started reading chapter 7… It is amazing how a dog can always teach us to be a better person.”  B.P.

Thanks for writing your book, I just finished it last night, lots of wonderful lessons in it.  Thanks for sharing, K.L.

Simply ~ Thank you for gifting the world with Shadow’s wisdom.   A.J.